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Kubrick's Code DVD + E-book

Isaac Weishaupt
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Stanley Kubrick was one of the greatest film makers of all time. Some conspiracy theorists believe that he hid many messages and symbols in his movies. I’ve analyzed several films to determine what this hidden code is and these messages are revealed in Kubrick’s Code.

The various conspiracies and themes are discussed in painstaking detail for the viewer to consider and decide whether or not they subscribe to the belief that Kubrick had been exposed to the ways of the Illuminati and their occult beliefs…

The examples provided are backed up with images from the films that support the theory, along with background information on the occult and the origins of their beliefs.

This project begins with a brief explanation on the background of Stanley Kubrick and his enigmatic ways of filmmaking.

The first film discussed is 2001: A Space Odyssey with its many links to NASA and the alleged faked moon landing conspiracies. We’ll also learn about the numerology behind 2001, as well as the true meaning of the Star Child. We’ll explore reasons for why the TMA-1 monolith was an embodiment of evil, as well as the importance of the alchemical “Great Work” present in the film’s message. Learn how 2001: A Space Odyssey was the ultimate Luciferian tale and how the legend of Prometheus makes itself known…

The second film discussed is A Clockwork Orange. We’ll take a look at the author, Anthony Burgess, and his PsyOps background, as well as the history of entertainment as a form of manipulation. The symbolism hidden in this film becomes evident when the All Seeing Eye is revealed throughout the film, as well as discussion on MKULTRA mind control programming during the Ludovico Technique. Kubrick’s Nazi ties are exposed as well as the messages of occult duality in the various parts of the movie. The dark hero agenda finds its roots in this film as we see a hidden “666” programming from within. The Baphomet, Darth Vader, and Beethoven are all shown with their ties to the Illuminati in this classic tale of youth gone wild…

One of the greatest horror movies of all time is examined with Kubrick’s The Shining. In this project we take a look at many of the theories swirling around it; including the infamous Volkswagen Beetle screw up and the beef between Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick. Native American genocide and sexual deviancy are obvious in this film when you consider key points of evidence. We’ll also learn about the theory of Kubrick’s disdain for America and how he inserted the symbolism of it all throughout this movie. Why was Jack Nicholson reading a Playgirl magazine in the lobby of the Overlook Hotel? It’s probably the same reason we see Wendy reading about Dissociative Identity Disorder in her home… Freemasonry, Nazis, Jack’s Baphomet impersonation, and Jay Weidner’s infamous Apollo 11 moon landing conspiracy are discussed in order to provide more depth to the conspiracy around The Shining.

An exploration of Kubrick films wouldn’t be complete without taking a critical look at his final film- Eyes Wide Shut. I’ll provide a background on the novel it was based on along with commentary from other analysts which actually support many of the conspiracy theories surrounding this film. Learn all about the occult obsession with the triple goddess worship, and how Nicole Kidman’s character fulfills these desires. Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology also appear to have an underlying thread as we learn of Alice Harford’s lusting of the naval officer that resembles L. Ron Hubbard. Helena Blavatsky, hidden shape shifters, and the Star of Ishtar are all explained and demonstrated in ways that will make you reconsider the content of this controversial movie…

Illuminati bloodlines, Freemasons, Aleister Crowley, and the global elite are depicted in this film, as well as their parties at the infamous 0rgy scene at the Rothschild’s mansion called Somerset. No wonder there are theories that Kubrick was killed for releasing this film…

Take a second look at Stanley Kubrick and the hidden messages he was trying to convey to the masses through the journey of his most popular films in the project I call KUBRICK’S CODE…


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Kubrick's Code DVD + E-book

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